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About us

Grensloos is a specialist in the field of e-commerce and e-logistics. Our mission is to enable and guarantee your growth in e-logistics and e-commerce. Your e-IT should never play an obstructive role, but rather offer new opportunities now and in the future

Does Grensloos itself also offer applications?
Yes, Grensloos has a robust e-platform: Pluriform and we work closely with software producers and partners. We are always looking for new and better partners, so that we can advise you at all times which particularly striking providers are on the market. On the basis of a process analysis, we can advise, implement and maintain various light and advanced logistics and commercial applications and technology if desired.


Grensloos is the specialist in the field of e-commerce and e-logistics. Our mission is to enable and guarantee your growth in e-logistics and e-commerce. Your e-IT should never play an obstructive role, but rather offer new opportunities now and in the future.

We do this using the Grensloos IT development platform: Pluriform and platform independent partner applications to set up, manage and innovate your entire e-IT infrastructure.


Businesses find themselves in a bind because their e-commerce and e-logistics system stands in the way of growth and development. New cut-off times cannot be implemented, delivery times no longer meet current requirements, processing returns blocks the normal delivery process. Sometimes new e-it solutions such as PIM, OMS and BI are unable to communicate with the existing network. Consequence of customer loss and stagnation of growth.

The world of logistics is changing so quickly that automation has become a specialism. Your e-fulfilment must be able to seamlessly follow your e-commerce, not only in volume but also on new commercial avenues.

Success starts with choosing the right IT infrastructure based on the long-term goals of your organization. This is the foundation. This foundation is further completed with the correct selection of the concrete applications. Accurate process analysis helps here so that the functionality of the new applications seamlessly matches the specifics of the process.

Meet the Grensloos communication team

Joost Eras Grensloos

Joost Eras
Proces Analist / Director

Ralf Kemps Grensloos

Ralf Kemps
Operational manager / Pluriform consultant


Since 1994, as a Pluriform Software Partner, we have been building information systems together with customers for the integral support of business processes. Under the flag of ESi IT Solutions, we have built many custom solutions from the past and since 2003 with general industry solutions. With this, we achieved a high degree of automation for the e-commerce, e-logistics and administrative processes of our customers from the start. We are a dynamic and innovative company that, together with Pluriform Software & Partners, has grown into a club of more than a hundred expert employees, hundreds of customers and thousands of users who work with Pluriform every day.

The software developers of Pluriform Software continuously enrich and improve the functionality of Pluriform Basis. On top of that Basis, we as partners, since 2003, have been continuously improving their integrated industry solutions with mobile applications since 2012 for the different types of professionals at their customers, who can therefore work better and faster together on location for and with their customers. In this way we realize a continuous stream of improvements and extensions together. Twice a year, this results in a new production release, which is available to all our customers free of charge. The customer upgrade is very manageable to the new release on average every year, so that almost everyone uses the same new possibilities. All those involved are sharing the necessary information in an increasingly targeted manner. This increases quality and productivity: less work and therefore less costs. Thanks to our long-term focus, evolutionary innovation is now a piece of cake for Pluriform, our partners and our customers.

Pluriform continuously adapts e-logistics & e-commerce software to the latest technology while retaining all the increasingly rich logic. Our projects always start from specific customer questions, which we realize as much as possible with the existing functionality. From 2018, ESi-IT Solutions introduced the brand name Grensloos e-logistics & e-commerce, a completely new platform for logistics and e-commerce companies. This has further expanded our services in the field of e-logistics & e-commerce, in collaboration with specialized partners.

grensloos team
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