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When software is concerned the question is no longer whether something is possible, but whether it is profitable to purchase new software


The essence of our process analysis is to support you in your search for cost-effective software. Precisely the software that not only improves the logistics of your organization but also the relationship with your customers. Our analysis is not only intended to refine your final ideas, but is also used as a research tool for finding the right direction and the right software.

Proces analyse

Grensloos’ process analyzes help companies to successfully:

  • gain clarity in work patterns, so that people will understand each other better;
  • to align by making better use of each other’s experience and skills;
  • avoid wasting time and investing heavily in ideas that are unlikely to work.

What do we map during the process analysis?

With the overview that results from our process analysis, we and other IT partners can describe a concrete plan how we can add value to your organization with software technologies. You then know exactly what benefits you can expect from the applications and services that you may subsequently want to purchase.

How does a process analysis work?

After a first acquaintance, our logistics and commercial consultants can start working on the process analysis for you. They observe and evaluate your entire logistics and commercial IT organization and together they map out the characteristics. We do this on the basis of the meetings above.

An investment that pays off


An average process analysis takes 2 to 6 days depending on the complexity of your situation. Further research may be necessary when participants are not sure exactly what is needed and their actual behavior seems to differ from their answers.

Contact suppliers

Why you should not seek contact with suppliers directly?

A good seller is never completely objective and it is quite a job to get a complete picture of the software market, let alone the best providers. Grensloos offers you logistics and commercial advisors from a business and strategic perspective who provide handles during the process analysis, which you can immediately use in practice.

Data logistics

The importance of data in logistics?

Think of track and trace to determine the status of the vehicle or shipment. Tagging packages and containers and making the tags smarter will greatly improve the logistics information flow.


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