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Use your knowledge and contribute ideas in the field of e-logistics and e-commerce

Innovating Together Rendeert (SIR) is the innovation program of Pluriform Software & Partners. In collaboration with users, we develop generic functionality for Pluriform basis. In addition to developing the software by the Pluriform Software & Partners group, we have established a SIR Grensloos innovation group. The goal is to innovate together with our customers in Pluriform in the field of e-logistics and e-commerce.

Two SIR Grensloos innovation working groups are active: e-logistics and e-commerce. You or relevant employees of your organization can register to participate in the innovation working group meetings using the form below. You are also asked to vote for the various innovation applications.

Our customers are parties that produce on an order-driven or project basis. Producers with their own production locations, brands, importers & exporters with external production and wholesale companies, who (can) work company-wide from a central Grensloos Pluriform e-logistics & e-commerce information system. After research, we found that logistics service providers often work with many separately linked applications. This is accompanied by inhibitions and stagnant growth. We have set ourselves the goal of being the best party in the field of e-logistics and e-commerce software for logistics service providers. That is why we innovate together with our users. You largely determine the innovation program and you test new software. With Grensloos Pluriform e-logistics & e-commerce software, we offer the expertise to automate company-wide for full service logistics service providers from one central information system.

Proof of Concept project for potential users
At Grensloos, we innovate together with potential and existing users, who want to see their ambitious innovation wishes realized in advance. In preparation for your future automation projects, we would like to invite you for a Proof of Concept. You will become an innovative user of the Grensloos Pluriform e-logistics & e-commerce software. As an innovation user, you can evaluate existing functionality on the one hand and evaluate current innovations directly in test and/or production on the other. Potential parties can become a member of SIR on the basis of a Proof of Concept project. Below you can register for a working group and make your prioritization known for the innovation topics of 2019. Based on your registration, we will contact you for a plan of action.

E-logistics and e-commerce innovation working group
As we have already mentioned, we distinguish two SIR Grensloos innovation working groups: an e-logistics and an e-commerce working group. All relevant employees of your organization can register to participate in the SIR Grensloos innovation working group meetings. Every year we organize several SIR Grensloos innovation working group meetings. All Grensloos relations can initiate innovation projects. You can make the requests for this to our support department or via the Pluriform community site.

You will be informed about innovation requests initiated by Grensloos relations via news items  on the Grensloos platform. The intention is that selected innovation topics will by definition be completed, even if this is at the expense of the future SIR budget. All votes of SIR members are equal.

Innovation planning SIR Grensloos Pluriform releases 2020.2

  • Narrowcasting generic applications ready
  • WMS completely new with WMS-APP ready
  • Time registration generic applications ready
  • Pluriform Work Order app based on Work Order Planning ready
  • Web portals for generic e-commerce innovations ready
  • Pluriform replaces AdressXpress- with a Land Registry link with geo-codes ready
  • UExpansion of payment method payment provider Mollie ready

Also use your knowledge in the field of e-logistics & e-commerce

We see that the wishes and developments based on e-logistics and e-commerce among our customers are increasing so rapidly that it is necessary to realize more customer-driven innovations in joint consultation. This way we can guarantee that you can continue to capitalize on all your logistical and commercial opportunities. Since several innovation projects have been evaluated per subject, you can vote for the innovation projects below.

Would you like to contibute ideas in the field of e-logistics and e-commerce?

Check out which expert group you want to participate in & sign up!






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    Samen Innoveren Rendeert voor generieke Grensloos Pluriform e-logitics & e-commerce innovaties. Selecteer onderstaande Grensloos SIR innovatieprojecten, die u wenst te implementeren na de verwerking van een test- en productie update.

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