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SIR 2021.2 all-new WMS with warehouse app available

SIR innovaties 2021.2 Warehouse Management System innovations

Based on our insights for the future we have developed a completely new WMS solution. As we hear from various fulfilment parties that the existing WMS solutions no longer suffice, we have developed a new WMS module that enables us to anticipate the wishes of logistics and fulfilment distribution parties flexibly and quickly.

Our inventory for the WMS innovations included several aspects. We now distinguish between order, order and invoice lines with financial records and receipt and delivery lines without financial records! This enables us to achieve optimum performance for logistics users. No more financial validation for ‘stock data’! This prevents stagnating, unwanted validation bottlenecks for all logistics users (such as reports on purchase, sales and delivery prices or ICP numbers not filled in) and maximises performance.

Grensloos Pluriform warehouse app
The coverage of a good wireless network in logistics centres proves to be reliable for real-time processing. Therefore, from Pluriform release 2020.2 you can use the borderless Pluriform warehouse app for: multi order picking – movements – stock counts – inbound registrations. Applicable on different PDA terminals like the Zebra 2D PDA scanners.

WMS automated order picking and sorting machines?
Project-based realisation of WMS links in combination with advanced order picking and sorting machines.

Transport Management System (TMS) koppelingen
Project-based realisation of links to TMS applications, which can process freight documents of all forwarders. For this, too, we have a specialised borderless partner readily available.

SIR innovation planning 2022.1 – Working group Pluriform e-logistics status in progress (innovation period 2022).

  • WMS Pluriform warehouse Pluriform web portal for: multi order picking – movements – stock counts – in-store recording
  • WMS for ‘stock data’ no longer provides financial validation
  • WMS expansion Logistical planning for incoming and outgoing goods
  • WMS Lots fulfilment management of customer-related stocks
  • TMS further inventory freight document users
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