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SIR 2021.2 Grensloos Pluriform NFC time registration HRM improvements

HRM managers want insight into the people present at work sites and those authorised to do so, so that timekeeping and authorisation can be checked.

Pluriform NFC attendance recording?
Time registration terminals applicable at multiple locations register the date time in/out, of persons with a unique NFC Presence card. The time registration terminals generate so-called clock rules, which can be read in the HRM administration of Pluriform basis.  This is an attendance registration, based on clock rules per person. Based on the difference between date time in and date time out, we can calculate the number of hours Presence Pass holders were present! If you apply a formula to this, that also takes breaks into account, you can calculate the workable hours.

SIR grensloos innovation group request: extension Pluriform Time Registration?
Time registration extension of standard reports to alternative situations, such as variable breaks, shifted shifts, flexible working, 2, 3 and 4 shifts, part timers, home workers, hired employees, permanent employees, external employees, overtime hours, time-for-time hours, etc. If current and future Pluriform users no longer opt for additional accounting solutions, but will use the standard Extensive HRM module of Pluriform basis, Remaining are improved generic standard reports and specific solutions that can be easily customised.

SIR innovatie 2021.2 – Workgroup Pluriform E-logistics more and more users make use of this module!

  •  Time registration integration with leave card, time for time and overtime settlement, with adjustable definition(s) such as 15 minutes after regular working hours can be considered overtime 2021.2 available
  •  Time recording with adjustable variable breaks generic 2021.2 now applicable in Pluriform Events on request in other development systems
  •  Time registration Job time accounting for both order-driven and project-based production tailored to your needs.
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