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Full control from catalog to shipment


Without flawless e-fulfilment, the growth of e-commerce will stagnate. E-Logistics is getting more and more strategic priority. However, costs rise faster than the rates, so we will have to make the device more efficient and productive. The services and products of Grensloos have been chosen and developed precisely on this basis. Our solutions and those of our partners enable us to meet the daily challenges. Below you will find our solutions. Each solution enables you to solve a specific logistics problem in concrete terms. However, we can well imagine that you no longer recognize the forest because of the many trees. If so, talk to us, then we can provide you with a non-binding advice, specifically tailored to your situation, on how we can make your e-fulfilment future-proof.


Our company brochure

Get to know Grensloos and read what we can do for your organization.


Inspiration paper Data Science

How does your organization become successful thanks to the correct use of your data?

E-logistics: our modular approach

Infographic elogistics
Ontwikkeling logistiek

I want to think ahead. How is logistics developing?

Lightning fast. E-retail is war and so e-logistics or e-fulfilment is also war. A war that…



Why manage multiple databases when just one is enough?


SIR 2021.2 Grensloos Pluriform NFC time registration HRM improvements

HRM managers want insight into the people present at work sites and those authorised to do so, so that timekeeping…


SIR 2021.2 Grensloos Pluriform Werkbon app is available

Pluriform Werkbon app for registration of hours and materials. Who are the users and how can they work? Work preparation…


SIR 2021.2 Grensloos many e-commerce innovations available

SIR innovation working group Pluriform e-commerce status ready and available from production release 2021.2 Customer Services web portal / customer…

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