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SIR 2021.2 Grensloos many e-commerce innovations available

SIR innovation working group Pluriform e-commerce status ready and available from production release 2021.2

  1. Customer Services web portal / customer portal expansion of download sections such as promotional materials, structured file submission (PDF, JPEG) and Youtube/Vimeo support.
  2. Webportal security it is possible to provide Pluriform web portals with 2-factor authentication by means of an SMS provider.
  3. Webshop catalogue filters above product overview.
  4. Improved scalability is available for all integrally applicable Pluriform e-commerce web portals. To this end, various changes have been made which ensure that all e-commerce portals are more scalable and also look good and can be operated on mobile devices.
  5. Webshop sticky menu bar always visible at the top of the screen.
  6. Mollie link expansion: in addition to payment provider Ingenico, as of 2020.1 Mollie is also available for production.

Product overview decoupling filter
To achieve this, the filter panel can be shown in a different place on smaller devices, for example as a menu item with a popover window. In the current situation, the filter is fully integrated with the presentation of the tiles. Therefore, it is not possible to show it in a different place, for example on a phone or tablet. This user story would like to offer the filters on a phone via a menu option; you would then only see the tiles by default, and with a menu option, an overlay can be shown with the filters.

Webshop layout responsive grid
New layout for the web shop that uses responsive grid system elements to achieve better automatic scaling and responsive behaviour. The current web shop layout uses various techniques from Pluriform (dialog framework and web layouts) of which part scales along and can (to some extent) be adjusted and part does not. In the exploration we focus on extending the existing Pluriform functionality around layouts and columns so that responsiveness is better set and supported. Examples of existing grid systems are Boostrap 3, Flexbox and W3.CSS. We add this principle to Pluriform so it becomes easier to scale the webshop to the available space. Based on these adjustments we create a new master web layout for the webshop.

Sticky webshop navigation
Improvement of the navigation menu of the web shop so that it scales better with the available space (responsive) and sticks when you scroll down to achieve that the web shop scales well on different devices and a user can easily navigate and search within the web shop and view the shopping cart.

Expansion of Customer Services Webportal (client portal)
As a manufacturer or supplier, you want to expand the customer portal with the possibility of including atmospheric photos, instructional videos and the like. You can also think of brochures and promotional materials that the retailer can use towards the consumer. In order to achieve this, a separate website (and separate login) is no longer necessary.

For production companies in the metal sector, a Customer Services Web Portal B-to-B webshop catalogue per customer is possible. Product Information Management (PIM) installations like drawings, material certificates and welding lists can now be included in the customer portal. Registration of web orders and/or workflow requests for services. The multilingual customer portal includes as standard the complete order, delivery and invoice history, which your customers can consult online.

Explanation for retailers: there are a number of general files such as measuring tables etc., but also files that are collection-specific, such as atmospheric images, product photos and promotional materials such as brochures. It is therefore desirable to be able to offer these files in a structured way. As regards file formats, this will mainly be JPG and PDF, as well as promotional and instructional films (Vimeo files) that may be used by retailers. N.B. As already mentioned in the notification, it may be possible to use the file folder structure module. However, one should check whether the structure is not necessarily dependent on articles and that Vimeo files can be included.

Security of web portals & webshops (against cyber attacks) # 179.791|
Further improve the security of all Pluriform by deploying Captcha to prevent automated attacks. Or blocking the IP address to otherwise prevent such attempts.

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