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SIR 2021.2 Grensloos Pluriform Werkbon app is available

Pluriform Werkbon app for registration of hours and materials.

Who are the users and how can they work?

Work preparation can prepare work reports and materials and/or assign them to a specific employee on the planning board from within Pluriform. The field staff member sees the work report in the web portal, makes sure he has enough materials and can start with the work. Once arrived at the external location, the employee carries out his work. Before leaving, the material consumption and hours are registered in the web portal work report. No categories when choosing an item, but a good search function the time present and name and signature of the customer. The work report is then approved online and ready. The administrator sees that the work report has been dealt with and, if he wishes, Pluriform can create an invoice immediately.

Werkbon app app based on Pluriform Werkorderplanning

Directly applicable for users who already use the Pluriform project module work reports in the Windows environment. With this new web application, from the class work reports, employees can consult & execute planned work orders (from work preparation) via 4 or 5 G-tablets. Materials to be taken along (from work preparation) and simple registration of the actual use of materials. Scheduled date/time (from work preparation), registration of hourly accounts. Registration of photos from the tablets with the work order. Digital approval by clients on the tablets, optional, automatic processing of the approved work order by e-mail to clients. Real-time processing in the Pluriform back office, external links are no longer needed!

To apply the Work Order Planning module and the new Work Order app, it is necessary to apply the Project Work Order Administration module *). When executing projects, it often turns out that there is a great deal of dynamism and flexibility in the execution of the actual work. In order to manage this operation properly, a work order administration was created. This means that: the project serves as the starting point for general cost control, framework agreements and administrative settings the specific work is quoted, planned, registered and monitored at work order level. Variation in work: work orders have a large variation in type of work. They are used both for handling malfunctions, executing a contracted job and controlling production. In all these cases, the work is “non-repetitive”. *) Conversion task from project administration to project work order administration: For users who use the project administration but not yet the project work order module, a task is available to convert all existing projects 1:1 to a project work order administration. Afterwards, you can register multiple work orders on a project, with all its advantages!

SIR innovatie 2021 – Working group Pluriform E-logistics

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